Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Summit County Sunrise

This morning I awoke and my spirit was low. I stepped outside with a simmering cup of coffee and watched the vapors being plucked from the cup by the bitter cold. On the horizon the gentle alpenglow painted the peaks in the Gore Range. A breath of cold air forced its way into my lungs and drew the warmth out of my chest. I was coerced to cough on my first taste of the morning. There I stood overlooking the hills in the one spot where I had desired to stand for so long. ...Contemplation of the decisions I have made and the risks I have taken in the past few months filled my mind. As the rising sun nudged the soft orange from the peaks, and my body and mind warmed to their external environment, I began to realize that my choices and sacrifices have been invaluable in revealing a place of great inner peace. My journey is just beginning. Already I have begun to illuminate what my soul has been searching for all this time. In my world there's no problem that fresh snow, a cup of Joe, and a beautiful Summit County sunrise can't remedy.

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